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About Me

Hello, my name is Nikola!

Throughout my artistic journey, I always had a deep love for creating. However, I became unable to work my current job due to pregnancy complications. I was going stir crazy, and found myself burnt out on my other mediums of art that I once enjoyed. When I came across rug tufting, I was so intrigued and impulsively without question, I immersed myself completely.

I turned my hobby into a business!

As a stay at home mom with a lot of time on my hands, I dedicated all of my time and energy to perfect my craft and found it to be overwhelmingly prosperous! With the amount of positive and uplifting reviews and words from supportive friends and followers, I decided to take this serious and turn my hobby into a business.

My Goal..

I take so much pride in my work. Every rug i make is a testimony to my craft. My rugs having a place in someone’s safe and sacred space means something to me. Having my rugs gifted to a loved on is so dearly noted in my heart. So, I make sure every rug, big and small, is hand crafted to my idea of “perfection”.